Mahmut Aytekin is a freelance research analyst and a PhD student at Victoria University, Australia. His work includes researching and producing reports on international security and terrorism. Several of Mahmut’s articles are published in the prominent Daily Sabah newspaper and the Anadolu Agency in Turkey. Mahmut holds a Bachelor in Islamic Theology and also a Masters of Arts (International Relations) from Deakin University in Australia with a focus on conflict and security. His Master’s dissertation involves a comparison of recruitment tactics of ISIL(DAESH) and the PKK based upon case studies constructed upon interviews and the utilization of narrative analysis. Mahmut has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Practice at the University of New England and is also in the initial stages of completing his Graduate Diploma in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism at Macquarie University with a specialization in intelligence. Mahmut is a native English-Turkish speaker, holds an intermediate level of Arabic and also an elementary level of Hebrew and Kurdish.

Mahmut’s specalization embodies radicalization, deradicalization, terrorism disengagement and rehabilitation, third-wave and fourth-wave terrorist organizations, psychological counselling, crisis negotiation and intelligence analysis.

Mahmut can be contacted on: